24. Toronto, Ontario. Current gear: Yashica T5, Mamiya 7, iPhone 4S. Photos have been taken between 2009 and the present day with a variety of different cameras.

tiredeyesto@gmail.com for any inquiries.
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April 2014 - photo by Lauren

February 2014 

Out of focus. February 2014

Messing around with the scanner at work.

Hello to all the new followers. I haven’t really updated with much in awhile, but the weather is getting nicer which means I’ll want to be outside more taking photos.

March 2014

Bibs - February 2014

Winter is bringing me down creatively. I’m also stuck trying to figure out whether or not I should be posting as much content as I do from one roll.  I feel like I shoot, horde, develop and then release the flood gates. I have to pace things a bit better.

I have an idea for a series, and if you and your sibling(s) would like to get photographed holler at me.